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December 8, 2009
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"Pickle cookies," the director said hesitantly.
"465 Cat likes them."
"And is 465 Cat here now?"
She rocked from the tips of her toes down to her heels. "465 Cat doesn't show up for anyone but me."
The director picked up one of the cookies on the tray and held it delicately before taking a tentative bite. They were surprisingly edible. There wasn't much 'pickle' about them besides a tang of vinegar, and the chewy consistency made her smile. "These aren't terrible," she said.
"465 Cat likes them best. He says it's because I'm the only one who ever puts in the right amount of fish tank juice in and- Hey! Not on the napkins! Don't you dare spit on those napkins!"


"I'm still finding sand under my nails," she snapped.
"That's funny," he said. "I'm still finding nails under my hammers."


"The world is full of people that tell you things like that," he said sympathetically. "Heck, they tell you to pay your bills, and tip the taxi driver, a-and check the lint compactor in your dryer at least three times a month! That doesn't mean you should do it!"
Marietta blew her nose into the napkin. "I guess you're right. Except about the dryer lint, you should really check that. I hear it's flammable."


The hot spring morning made the entire town seem like it was covered in a fine, invisible filth. You could smell it, and maybe if you turn fast enough you could see it, but there was never anything that could dust it away.
It was times like these that he just liked to lean against her and count her fingers, just to make sure they were all there.
They were.
So since my old Mystery Box is currently unavailable, I have started a new one at my current location. The Mystery Box is an idea that I've had for several years. SInce I never get around to finishing anything, I might as well have a collection of the stuff I start.

So if I want to write, all I have to do is open up my Mystery Box and see what bits and pieces jump out at me.

These were some of the ones I started with. ;D

By the way, watch this: [link]

It was the highlight of my day.

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BijuChaand Dec 26, 2009   Traditional Artist
woooooOw! I luv them all. LOL Fish Tank Juice!!! that reminds me of mine and Allison's fish Som-Som who died in his own fish tank juice, that's not funny though..... hehe
okey.. still after a long time I still not get your jokes.. hihi I am sorry.. :hug:
Hehe I'm sorry. xD I just have a weird sense of humor.
its not something you have to be sorry for :P its only partly your sense of humor, because its also partly my knowledge of the englisch language.. How have you been lately?
Also: "465 Cat" makes me think of like, some android or bionic person/thing.
I love these.

"That's funny. I'm still finding nails under my hammer."

^--Best catch phrase ever.

The third one was cute, and also funny, and the last one
just made me, "Aaawwhhh."

Not much critique because there's not much to
these, but I wanted you to know that I admire them. Work
on them more, and then I'll be able to pick at them more. xD

The Mystery Box is a good idea, though, too. Maybe I should
start keeping one. p:
The first one sounds like someone trying to sell cat cookies or something
I was going for some completely off-her-rocker lady, but that works too. I'd love some cat cookies.
the way you described the cookies.... they actually sound like they taste good.
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